Scrum Alliance is the largest and most established professional membership and certification organization in the agile community – and they recently created the position of Chief Scrum Master – the perfect role for today’s guest, Melissa Boggs.

In this episode we talk about the role of Chief Scrum Master, how Scrum Alliance has started using Scrum internally to become more agile, and more!

A big piece of your culture is the space you set up. It should really reflect your values and it should reflect what you want to be as a company… We’re weird here and need our desks to be weird too.” [17:26] 


Melissa Boggs – Chief Scrum Master of Scrum Alliance

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  • [00:41] Background
  • [03:23] The role of Chief Scrum Master
  • [10:14] ⭐ Agile Coaching within Scrum Alliance
  • [12:17] ⭐ Re-organizing Scrum Alliance into cross-functional Teams
  • [14:38] ⭐ Day-to-day life as Chief Scrum Master
  • [16:52] ⭐ Designing Agile Spaces
  • [18:29] ⭐ Transforming Scrum Alliance
  • [21:46] ⭐ How Scrum Alliance does Scrum
  • [24:30] Scaling Frameworks
  • [30:33] The agile movement
  • [38:58] Business results through changing the hearts and minds of people
  • [40:23] The future of Scrum Alliance
  • [48:36] How to find Melissa online

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