Forbes 2019 ‘Small Giant’ award winner, Community Impact delivers hyperlocal news and information to millions of local residents. 

In this episode we talk about how mechanisms and systems thinking supports scalability. We also touch on the future of quality content, innovation through insourcing, and the profit-center mentality.

“I think that’s going to be a huge differentiator – people are going to write books about that – about how the companies of the future viewed all of their departments as a contributor in this new economy as opposed to a cost center.” [29:16]

John Garret – CEO and Founder of Community Impact Newspaper

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  • [00:44] Background
  • [04:55] Maintaining quality while scaling
  • [06:30] ⭐ Systems thinking as a differentiator
  • [10:20] ⭐ Innovation through developing your own software rather than relying on SaaS products
  • [11:22] Analog & digital feedback systems
  • [13:14] Measuring editorial quality
  • [14:15] ⭐ Page views and clicks != quality
  • [18:00] ⭐ The problem with Facebook
  • [19:30] ⭐ The new content economy (quality)
  • [22:53] Feedback via acquisition
  • [26:30] ⭐ The Profit Center mentality
  • [29:45] Parting words
  • [30:17] The importance of having the right success criteria

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