Taylor Stitch is a perfect example of agile product management evolved. They design new products every week and the customer feedback determines what actually goes into production. It’s lean, realtime a/b testing for physical products. Oh, and it’s also awesome for the environment.

“We get to see what works and the earth gets less waste. If our products reach their funding goal we’ll make them using our responsible supply chain which is up to +90% organic or recycled materials!” – Mike Maher

In this episode, we dive deeper into how Taylor Stitch grew from a custom shirt startup into the successful lifestyle brand that it is today.

Mike Maher – Co-Founder/CEO of Taylor Stitch

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  • [00:23] Mike’s story
  • [03:31] Launching Taylor Stitch
  • [08:42] ⭐ Building a responsible company
  • [09:57] Make products that last
  • [10:19] Use responsible materials
  • [10:19] Care for the people
  • [11:08] Eliminate waste and build responsibly
  • [15:25] ⭐ Feedback Evolved
  • [17:41] The importance of customer relationships
  • [19:09] The evolution of eCommerce and digital marketing at Taylor Stitch
  • [23:42] Growth and keeping the vision
  • [26:45] Focus on the customer
  • [28:45] Wearing different hats
  • [30:42] Product management ( physical & digital )
  • [34:00] Product management and design inspiration
  • [35:06] What’s next?

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